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Technical and Submittal Documents

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Please scroll down to see the sections below and click on the tabs in each section to navigate the Avonite Technical and Submittal Document Library.

Section 1: Countertops & Sinks
Section 2: Interior Vertical Wall
Section 3: Wet Wall Panel System

102113_-_Toilet_Compartments_-10-27-08w.doc54 KB
123600-Countertops-10-27-08.doc51 KB
Avonite_General_Specification_Guidelines.doc170.5 KB
Avonite_spec_Long_Form_II_.doc766 KB

Tech - Countertops & Sinks

Avonite Surfaces leads the solid surface industry in terms of sustainable design. Here, you will find documents outlining the contribution of Avonite Surfaces products to USGBC LEED certification. Whether you are pursuing LEED points or simply embrace green design principles, choosing Avonite Surfaces will ensure that you have a sustainable partner you can trust.

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Avonite LEED Brochure - New Construction314.15 KB
Avonite LEED CI Booklet - Commercial Installations233.64 KB
Avonite LEED Submission Worksheet228.11 KB
Avonite FOUNDATIONS SCS Certificate 13% Recycled Content197.47 KB
Avonite FOUNDATIONS SCS Certificate 16% Recycled Content197.46 KB
Avonite STUDIO SCS Certificate 40% Recycled Content196.52 KB

Tech - Interior Vertical Wall

Product File Revision All terms
Avonite Surfaces Foundations PDF file download C Acrylic, Acrystone, Avonite Surfaces Foundations, Mineral Filled Acrylic, Polymethylmethacrylate, Polymethylmethacrylate
Avonite Surfaces Studio Collection PDF file download C A3, Avonite, Avonite Surfaces Studio Collection, C1, G3, K1, K3, M3, Polyester
Avonite Surfaces Ultra-Bond G PDF file download C Avonite Surfaces Ultra-Bond G, Mixture, Solid Surface Adhesive (Part A – in the bigger tube)
Avonite Surfaces Inlay Resin PDF file download C Avonite Surfaces Inlay Resin, Unsaturated Polyester Resin
Catalyst MEKP-9 PDF file download B Catalyst MEKP-9, Organic Peroxide Catalyst
Avonite Surfaces Powder Filler PDF file download C Avonite Surfaces Powder Filler, Polyester, Polyester granules